Discontinued Items

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Kindly note that we have decided on a strict product line optimization this year. This means we will take out of the range appr. 240 add. references / products and will therefore get more space for innovative products news as well as warehouse capacity for our best-sellers.   Here below please find the list of all items on discontinued status, as well as the list of products that have just been set on that status:   Discontinued_NEW Discontinued complete_121118   For orders / requests on the complete remaining stock of an item, we are happy to send you a special offer!   There are also some counter display units on sale now, as compartments of the display assembling are discontinued. … Read More

Discontinued range

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Following products will be taken out of the range as soon as stock has been sold out: #KYR18-A169 KR15-22/GO SUR15/RD #KYR99 KR16-03/RD SUR15/TQ #KYR99-A015 KR17-21/CH SUR15/WH 10D329 KR17-25/CH SUR20/BK 10D384 KR17-27/CH SUR20/BR BKM21/PK KR8-02/RG SUR20/RD BOK69/LE KTL20/BK SUR20/TQ CBL01/SI LAS01/BK SUR20/WH CCC10/GO LAS01/RD SUR25/BK CCC77-02/TI MCC32/LE SUR25/BR CCC77-03/TI MCC39/LE SUR25/RD CD017 SUR10/BK SUR25/TQ CD073 SUR10/BR SUR25/WH CD081 SUR10/RD SUR30/BK CD095 SUR10/TQ SUR30/BR CDC85/BK SUR10/WH SUR30/RD EGG11/TI SUR15/BK SUR30/TQ KR15-08/CH SUR15/BR SUR30/WH 0