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Kindly note that we have decided on a strict product line optimization this year. This means we will take out of the range appr. 240 add. references / products and

will therefore get more space for innovative products news as well as warehouse capacity for our best-sellers.


Here below please find the list of all items on discontinued status, as well as the list of products that have just been set on that status:



Discontinued complete_121118


For orders / requests on the complete remaining stock of an item, we are happy to send you a special offer!


There are also some counter display units on sale now, as compartments of the display assembling are discontinued.

We will deliver these CDU’s as long as we can assemble them with the remaining stock.


Some CDU’s will have a new reference number in 2019 with new placement:


CD042 ->             CD121

CD084->              CD115

CD101->              CD116

CD048->              CD022



Should you need any further information, please let us know!

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