Some things about the FREERAIL system!

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Please take your time and read this information from Susanne:


I hope you are doing fine and the first signs of x-mas business are visible. We’ve got quite some experiments on the salesside going on for x-mas and I will be happy to report about it later.

Today I am writing to you to share our experiences with the new freerail displays with you. We did a little analysis of customers with freerail compared to those without.

It showed that we have a significant higher turnover with those customers who work with the freerail (higher and more regular reorders) than with customers without this kind of presentation.


That’s why we worked on designing formulars for your salespeople on the road.

The point about the freerail formulars is really that it makes life much easier, when writing an order for a freerail display.

Like this you can really discuss the strategy with your customer e.g. what categories do you want to show, how much do you want to invest?

Another important question that always comes up is: what products are already in the shop which should be integrated in the planning?


With the sketch you can do a proper planogram (an exact plan/visual which product is where on the display). This helps you to write the exact correct number

of products that can be placed on a freerail display, as you do not want to take advantage of your customer and sell more products than he/she can acutually put on the display.

With the plan you can see exactly how many panels you need for what product e.g. you need more space for a construction pen or for a TRV20 than you need for a keyring or for a torch.


Further it helps you to say exactly what kind of and how many trays and hooks you need.


What we want to achieve with the freerail system is to be noticed as a brand – and we want to help the customer to show competence about a certain category of goods by really displaying them together.


Kind regards



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